Elvira [Phipps] Hutchings
Born: 20 JUN 1791; Caen, Basse-Normandie, France
Married: Robert Sparke Hutchings; 15 MAY 1818; Barrackpore, Bengal, India
Died: 19 MAR 1875; La Bigoterie, Guernsey, Channel Islands

Elvira Hutchings
Born: 17 NOV 1821; Prince of Wales Island, East Indies
Christened: 18 DEC 1821; Prince of Wales Island, East Indies
Father: Robert Sparke Hutchings
Mother: Elvira Hutchings

Elvira Mary Elizabeth Hutchings
Born: 1882; Boscombe, Hampshire
Father: Charles Robert Hutchings
Mother: Lizetta Mary Hutchings
Census: 1901: Monkton Wild Spa Road, Bournemouth, Hampshire

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