William Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1859; Ilminster, Somerset
Married: Annie Maria Collins; 1886; Christchurch, Hampshire
1891: Winsbome Road, Hinton, Hampshire
1911: 13. Talbot Road, Winton, Hampshire

Ernest John Hutchings
Born: ABT 1865; Trent, Dorset
Father: Robert Close Hutchings
Mother: Ann Jane Hutchings

James Ernest Burrow Hutchings
Born: 1866; Bideford, Devon
Father: Henry Lee Hutchings
Mother: Maria Hutchings
1871: Mill Street, Bideford, Devon
1881: Pilton Street, Pilton, Devon
1891: Haskeths Terrace, Northam Bridge, Northam, Devon

Ernest Colliver Hutchings
Born: 1869; Gosport, Hampshire
Father: Isaac Hutchings
Mother: Kate Hutchings
1881: Coast Guard Station, Southbourne, Christchurch, Hampshire

Ernest William Hutchings
Born: 29 OCT 1871; Bridport, Dorset
Father: George Richard Hutchings
Mother: Sarah Ann Hutchings
Married: Sarah Ann Samways; 15 MAY 1895; Symondsbury, Dorset
1891: Saint Michael’s Lane, Bridport, Dorset
1901: Symondsbury, Dorset
1911: 23 Gundry Lane, Bridport, Dorset
29 SEP 1939: 21 Gundry Lane, Bridport, Dorset
Died: 1950; Bridport, Dorset

Harcourt Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1873; Yeovil, Somerset
Father: James Baker Hutchings
Mother: Caroline Louisa Hutchings
Married: Kate Beare; 1898; Yeovil, Somerset
1891: 15 Sparrow Lane, Yeovil, Somerset
1901: 17 Sparrow Lane, Yeovil, Somerset
1911: 17 Sparrow Lane, Yeovil, Somerset

Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1878; Zeals, Wiltshire
Christened: 31 JUL 1878; Zeals, Wiltshire
Father: William Hutchings
Mother: Emily Hutchings

Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1882; Sydenham, London, Kent
Father: Samuel Hutchings
Mother: Caroline Hutchings
Married: Fanny Elizabeth Ada Humber; 1908; Lambeth, London
1891: 5 Fir Street, Lewisham, London
1901: 5 Fir Street, Lewisham, London
1911: Holly Hill Stables, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire

Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1884; Zeals, Wiltshire
Father: William Hutchings
Mother: Emily Hutchings
Died: 1884; Zeals, Wiltshire

Cecil Ernest Hutchings
Born: 7 JUN 1885; Weymouth, Dorset
Christened: 2 AUG 1885; Holy Trinity, Weymouth, Dorset
Father: William Samuel Hutchings
Mother: Julia Agnes Hutchings
Married: Priscilla Jessie Hope; 1909; Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
1891: 9 Spring Gardens, Weymouth, Dorset
1901: 31 Spring Gardens, Weymouth, Dorset
1911: 15 Milton Avenue, Wellsway, Bath, Somerset
29 SEP 1939: Post Office, Andover, Hampshire

Ernest Charles Hutchings
Born: 1885; Basingstoke, Hampshire
Father: Henry Hutchings
Mother: Catherine Hutchings
1891: Cemetery Lodge, Basingstoke, Hampshire
Died: 27 MAY 1945; Christchurch, Hampshire

Albert Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1886; Weybridge, Surrey
Father: Edwin Hutchings
Mother: Louisa Hutchings
1891: 6 New Road, Weybridge, Surrey
1901: 69 Selkirk Road, Streatham, London
1911: 64 Westcombe Hill, Westcombe Park, Blackheath, London

Charles Ernest Hutchings
Born: 2 OCT 1886; Tasmania, Australia
Father: Philip Henry Hutchings
Mother: Emma Hutchings

Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1887; Clayhidon, Devon
Father: George Hutchings
Mother: Harriet Emma Hutchings
Married: Sarah Ann Hutchings; 1910; Wellington, Somerset
1891: Marks, Clayhidon, Somerset
1911: White Born, Wellington, Somerset

Charles Ernest Harry Hutchings
Born: 1888; Stoke Newington, London
Father: Charles Richard Hutchings
Mother: Martha Ann Hutchings
1891: South St, Kingston, Corfe Castle, Dorset
1911: Victoria Street, Clifton, Gloucestershire

Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1888; Liverpool, Lancashire
Father: William Hutchings
Mother: Mary Hutchings
1891: 34 Gorst St, Everton, Liverpool, Lancashire
1901: 99 Leta St, Liverpool, Lancashire
1911: 52 Hampden Street, Walton, Liverpool, Lancashire

Ernest George Hutchings
Born: 1888; Fareham, Hampshire
Father: Joseph Benjamin Hutchings
Mother: Sarah Maria Hutchings
1891: 18 Wallington Cottage, Fareham, Hampshire
1901: 36 North Wallington, Fareham, Hampshire
1911: 36 North Wallington, Fareham, Hampshire

Frederick Ernest Hitchings
Born: 1888; Balham, Surrey
Father: John Hitchings
Mother: Emma Maria Hitchings
Died: 1888; Balham, Surrey

Charles Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1890; Leyton, Essex
Father: John Hutchings
Mother: Emma Hutchings
1891: Grove Road, Leyton, Essex
1901: 142 Chelmsford Road, Walthamstow, Essex

Charles Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1892; Denmead, Hampshire
Father: Charles Hutchings
Mother: Clara Alice Hutchings
1901: 6 Fir Grove, Denmead, Hampshire

Ernest Frank Hutchings
Born: 1892; Symondsbury, Dorset
Father: Arthur Hutchings
Mother: Emily Sarah Hutchings
1901: St Michael’s Foundry, Eype, Dorset
1911: 42. King Street, Bridport, Dorset

Ernest Andrew Hutchings
Born: 1893; Yeovil, Somerset
Father: William Reginald Hutchings
Mother: Charlotte Ann Hutchings
1901: 22 Church St, Yeovil, Somerset
1911: 22. Princes Street, Yeovil, Somerset

Harold Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1893; Bideford, Devon
Father: Frank Richard Lee Hutchings
Mother: Minnie Eugenie Hutchings
1901: 3 Clarendon Av, Heaton Norris, Lancashire

Henry Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1893; Torquay, Devon
Father: Charles Thomas Hutchings
Mother: Louisa Margaret Hutchings
1901: 1 Alma Place, Torquay, Devon
1911: 4 Alma Place, Torquay, Devon

Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1894; Crewkerne, Somerset
Father: Thomas Hutchings
Mother: Louisa Hutchings
1901: Lyewater, Crewkerne, Somerset
1911: Lyewater, Crewkerne, Somerset

Frank Ernest Hutchings
Born: ABT 1895; Paddington, London
Father: Frederick Hutchings
Mother: Eliza Matilda Hutchings
1911: 37 Marne Street, Queens Park, London

Ernest Arthur Hutchings
Born: 1896; Horndean, Hampshire
Father: Henry John Hutchings
Mother: Emily Hutchings
1901: 37 Clinton Road, Northampton, Northamptonshire

Alfred Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1898; Bridport, Dorset
Father: Alfred R Hutchings
Mother: Margaret Hutchings
1901: 16 Rope Walks, Bridport, Dorset
1911: 76. Gruneisen Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Ernest Hitchings
Born: 1898; Wallington, Surrey
Father: George Henry Hitchings
Mother: Zillah Hitchings
1901: 52 Wood St, Wallington, Surrey
1911: Fair View, Wood Street, Beddington Corner, Wallington, Surrey

Sidney Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1898; North Ormesby, Yorkshire
Father: Oliver Richard Hutchings
Mother: Amy Rosa Hutchings
1901: 44 Pierson St, North Ormesby, Yorkshire
1911: 14 Pierson Street, North Ormesby, Yorkshire

Victor Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1899; Plymouth, Devon
Father: Frederick Henry Robert Hutchings
Mother: Lucina Hutchings
1901: 22 Love St, Plymouth, Devon
1911: 9 Vauxhall Street, Plymouth, Devon

Alfred Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1900; Yeovil, Somerset
Father: Harcourt Ernest Hutchings
Mother: Kate Hutchings
1901: 17 Sparrow Lane, Yeovil, Somerset
1911: 17 Sparrow Lane, Yeovil, Somerset

Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1900; Chiswick, Middlesex
Father: William David Hutchings
Mother: Rose Hutchings
1901: 69 Dale St, Chiswick, Middlesex
1911: 69 Dale St, Chiswick, Middlesex

Ernest Edwin Hutchings
Born: 1900; St Austell, Cornwall
Father: Edwin Hutchings
Mother: Joannah Ford Hutchings
1901: Sydenham Mill, Marystow, Devon
1911: Risdon Farm, Bratton Clavelly, Beaworthy, Devon

Reginald Sydney Ernest Hutchings
Born: 4 DEC 1900; New Brompton, Kent
Father: William Thomas Hutchings
Mother: Ellen Elizabeth Hutchings
Married: Emily Elizabeth Abraham; 1924; Devonport, Devon
1901: 18 Adelaide Road, Gillingham, Kent
1911: 5 Melville Road, Devonport, Devon
29 SEP 1939: 1 Melville Place, Plymouth, Devon
Died: 1983; Plymouth, Devon

Ernest George Hutchings
Born: 1902; Sydenham, London
Father: Eli Hutchings
Mother: Ellen Mary Hutchings
1911: 3 Fir Street, Wells Road, Sydenham, London

Ernest Ralph Hutchings
Born: 11 FEB 1903; Portsmouth, Hampshire
Father: Benjamin Hutchings
Mother: Alice Louisa Hutchings
Married: Vera Maud Kelleway; 1934; Petersfield, Hampshire
1911: 8 Knox Road, Stamshaw, Hampshire
29 SEP 1939: The Beeches, Finchdean Road, Chichester, Sussex
Died: 13 NOV 1980; Portsmouth, Hampshire

Ernest Edwin Hutchings
Born: 1904; Rugby, Warwickshire
Father: Samuel Hutchings
Mother: Annie Hutchings
1911: 31 George Street, Rugby, Warwickshire

William Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1907; Headley, Hampshire
Father: Albert Hutchings
Mother: Lillie Hursey Hutchings
1911: Kitts Farm, Churt, Surrey

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