Florence [Hutchings] Sweet
Born: 1871; Hinton St George, Somerset
Father: Robert Hutchings
Mother: Lavinia Hutchings
Census: 1881: Whitevine Farm, Hardington Marsh, Pendomer, Somerset
1891: Furland Cottage, Crewkerne, Somerset

Florence Mary Hutchings
Born: 1872; Minehead, Somerset
Father: Thomas Hutchings
Mother: Lucy Hutchings
Census: 1881: 4 Redland Terrce, Frome, Somerset

Florence Mabel [Williams] Hutchings
Born: 1874; Newry, Ireland
Married: William Edwin Hutchings; 1898; Liverpool, Lancashire
Census: 1901: 87 Arthur St, Liverpool, Lancashire
1911: 46 Leta Street, Walton, Liverpool, Lancashire

Florence Gertrude Hutchings
Born: 1875; Portsmouth, Hampshire
Father: Richard Hutchings
Mother: Mary Ellen Hutchings
Census: 1881: Granada Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire
1891: 20 & 18 Granada Road, Portsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire
1901: 18 Granada Road, Portsmouth
1911: 18. Granada Road, Southsea, Hampshire

Florence Mary Hutchings
Born: 1875; Cawsand, Cornwall
Father: William Hutchings
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Hutchings
Census: 1881: 20 Stuart Terrace, Stoke Damerel, Devon

Florence Beatrice Hutchings
Born: 1876; Puddletown, Dorset
Father: Henry Hutchings
Mother: Pamela Hutchings
Census: 1881: Rectory House, Moreton, Dorset

Florence Hutchings
Born: ABT 1877; Kingston on Thames, Surrey
Father: John Hutchings
Mother: Eliza F Hutchings
Census: 1891: 5 York Terrace, Epple, Birchington, Kent

Minnie Florence Elizabeth Hutchings
Born: 1877; Poole, Dorset
Christened: 9 MAY 1877; Saint James, Poole, Dorset
Father: Benjamin Hutchings
Mother: Jane Newland Hutchings
Census: 1881: Fowlers Lane, West Street, Poole, Dorset
1891: Coach House, Perry Gardens, Poole, Dorset

Florence Elizabeth [Garland] Hutchings
Born: 26 AUG 1878; Bedminster, Bristol
Married: Edward James Hutchings; 11 JUN 1898; St Luke, Bedminster, Bristol
Census: 1901: 86 Mead St, Bristol
1911: Telegraph Hotel, Bedminster Down, Bristol, Gloucestershire
1939: 114 Winterstoke Road, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Died: 13 JAN 1950; Bristol, Gloucestershire

Florence Hutchings
Born: 1879; Crewkerne, Somerset
Father: David Hutchings
Mother: Elizabeth Hutchings
Census: 1881: Henhayes, Crewkerne, Somerset
1901: South Street, Blacknell, Crewkerne, Somerset

Florence Blanche Mary Hutchings
Born: 1882; Weston-super-Mare, Somerset
Father: William Henry Hutchings
Mother: Sylvia Hutchings
Census: 1891: 1 Baker St, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset
1901: 3 Baker St, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset
1911: Locking Road, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

Florence Louisa Hutchings
Born: 1882; Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Father: Alfred Hutchings
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Hutchings
Census: 1891: 2 Highland Court, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire

Florence Ethel Hutchings
Born: 1884; Brighton, Sussex
Father: Richard Henry Hutchings
Mother: Mary Ann Hutchings
Census: 1891: 22 Charles Street, Brighton, Sussex
1901: 23 Charles Street, Brighton, Sussex

Emma Florence Hitchings
Born: 1885; Tooting, Surrey
Father: John Hitchings
Mother: Emma Maria Hitchings
Census: 1891: 24 Pickets St, Clapham, London
1901: Anglesea Road, Streatham, London

Florence Louise [Guest] Hutchings
Born: 8 JAN 1885; Stonehouse, Devon
Married: Harry Carline Hutchings; 1908; Devonport, Devon
Census: 1911: 46 Alcester Street, Devonport, Devon
1939: 33 Alfred Road, Plymouth, Devon
Died: 1964; Plymouth, Devon

Florence Melita [Phillpot] Hitchings
Born: 1885; Leytonstone, Essex
Married: Henry Hitchings; 1910; Wandsworth, Surrey
Census: 1911: 108 Midmood Road, Balham, London

Florence Annie Hutchings
Born: 1887; Poole, Dorset
Father: Henry Hutchings
Mother: Annie Elizabeth Hutchings
Census: 1891: 9 Cottages, Perry Garden, Poole, Dorset
1901: 9 East St, St James, Poole, Dorset

Florence May Hutchings
Born: 1888; Gosport, Hampshire
Father: Charles Allan Hutchings
Mother: Julia Maud Hutchings
Census: 1891: 5 Grove Buildings, Stoke Road, Alverstoke, Hampshire
1901: 67 North St, Gosport, Hampshire

Florence Amy Hutchings
Born: 1890; Torquay, Devon
Father: John Hutchings
Mother: Mahala Hutchings
Census: 1891: 7 Orchard Terrace, Upper Walnut Road, Cockington, Devon
1901: 121 Waterloo Road, Burnley, Lancashire
1911: 4 Hampden Street, Burnley, Lancashire

Mabel Florence [Whitfield] Hutchings
Born: 1890; Ringwood, Hampshire
Married: Arthur George Duncan Hutchings; 1916; Southampton, Hampshire
Census: 1939: 55 Water Lane, New Forest, Hampshire
Died: 1950; Southampton, Hampshire

Maud Florence Hutchings
Born: 1890; Walthamstow, Essex
Father: Ebenezer Hutchings
Mother: Martha Hutchings
Census: 1891: 6 Shirt Road, Walthamstow, Essex
1901: 37 Brandon Road, Walthamstow, Essex

Kate Florence Hutchings
Born: 1891; Winchester, Hampshire
Father: Charles Alfred Hutchings
Mother: Ellen Hutchings
Census: 1901: 29 Highcliffe Road, Chilcombe, Hampshire
1911: 29 Highcliffe Road, Winchester, Hampshire

Florence Ann Hutchings
Born: 1892; Hemyock, Devon
Father: George Hutchings
Mother: Martha Hutchings
Census: 1901: Ashculme, Heymock, Somerset
1911: Prior South Park, Blagdon Hill, Taunton, Somerset

Ada Florence Hutchings
Born: 1893; Bridport, Dorset
Father: Alfred R Hutchings
Mother: Margaret Hutchings
Census: 1901: 16 Rope Walks, Bridport, Dorset
1911: 76. Gruneisen Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Beatrice Florence [Brice] Hutchings
Born: 13 DEC 1898; Christchurch, Hampshire
Married: William Henry John Hutchings; 1919; Southampton, Hampshire
Census: 1939: 20 Canada Road, Southampton, Hampshire
Died: 1964; Southampton, Hampshire

Florence Gladys Hutchings
Born: 1898; Bourton, Dorset
Father: William John Hutchings
Mother: Marina Hutchings
Census: 1911: 24 Court Road, Luton, Bedfordshire

Florence Ada [Cole] Hutchings
Born: 4 APR 1899; Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Married: Harold Richard Hutchings; 1922; Medway, Kent
Census: 1939: 127 Chadacre Road, Epsom and Ewell, Surrey
Died: 1985; Uckfield, Sussex

Florence Mildred Hutchings
Born: 1902; Wellow, Hampshire
Father: William Hutchings
Mother: Ellen Matilda Hutchings
Census: 1911: Plaitford, Hampshire

Sylvia Florence Ann Hutchings
Born: 1907; Bristol, Gloucestershire
Christened: 27 FEB 1907; St Aldhelm, Bedminster, Somerset
Father: Edward James Hutchings
Mother: Florence Elizabeth Hutchings
Census: 1911: Telegraph Hotel, Bedminster Down, Bristol, Gloucestershire

Marian Florence Hutchings
Born: 1908; Sydenham, London
Father: Eli Hutchings
Mother: Ellen Mary Hutchings
Census: 1911: 3 Fir Street, Wells Road, Sydenham, London

Iris Florence Hutchings
Born: 17 JAN 1909; Devonport, Devon
Father: Harry Carline Hutchings
Mother: Florence Louise Hutchings
Census: 1911: 46 Alcester Street, Devonport, Devon
1939: 33 Alfred Road, Plymouth, Devon

Lilian Florence Hutchings
Born: 1909; Bideford, Devon
Father: Henry Hutchings
Mother: Lucy Mary Hutchings
Census: 1911: 15 Providence Row, Bideford, Devon

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