Alfred Harold Hutchings
Born: 1885; Beckenham, Kent
Father: John George Hutchings
Mother: Selina Hutchings
Census: 1891: 81 Parish Lane, Beckenham, Kent
1901: 57 Chaffinch Road, Beckenham, Kent

Harold Saltmarsh Hutchings
Born: 1890; Devonport, Devon
Father: Samuel Hutchings
Mother: Sarah Hutchings
Census: 1891: 24 Haddington Road, Stoke Damerel, Devonport, Devon

Roy Harold Hitchings
Born: 1891; Streatham, Surrey
Father: George Henry Hitchings
Mother: Zillah Hitchings
Census: 1901: 52 Wood St, Wallington, Surrey
1911: Fair View, Wood Street, Beddington Corner, Wallington, Surrey

Harold Ernest Hutchings
Born: 1893; Bideford, Devon
Father: Frank Richard Lee Hutchings
Mother: Minnie Eugenie Hutchings
Census: 1901: 3 Clarendon Av, Heaton Norris, Lancashire

Harold Richard Hutchings
Born: 20 AUG 1894; Gillingham, Kent
Father: Richard Hutchings
Mother: Ann Hutchings
Married: Florence Ada Cole; 1922; Medway, Kent
Census: 1901: 50 Copenhagen Road, Gillingham, Kent
1911: 50 Copenhagen Road, Gillingham, Kent
1939: 127 Chadacre Road, Epsom and Ewell, Surrey
Died: 1970; Tonbridge, Kent

Frederick Harold Benjamin Hutchings
Born: 1898; Portsmouth, Hampshire
Father: Josiah Hutchings
Mother: Orange Hutchings
Census: 1901: 21 Grafton Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire
1911: 21. Grafton Street, Landport, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Stewart Harold Hutchings
Born: 1898; Cow Head, Newfoundland, Canada
Father: Andrew Hutchings
Mother: Mary Jane Hutchings
Died: 1986

Harold John Staples Hutchings
Born: ABT 1899; Long Eaton, Derbyshire
Father: Henry Hutchings
Mother: Annie E Hutchings
Census: 1901: 42 St John’s St, Long Eaton, Derbyshire
1911: 29 Lime Grove, Long Eaton, Derbyshire

Henry Harold Hutchings
Born: 18 AUG 1899; Cow Head, Newfoundland, Canada
Father: Job Hutchings
Mother: Elizabeth Alice Hutchings
Died: 21 NOV 1992; Cow Head, Newfoundland, Canada

Harold Alfred Thomas Hutchings
Born: 1906; Burton Bradstock, Dorset
Father: William Simeon Hutchings
Mother: Kate Hutchings
Census: 1911: Burton Bradstock, Dorset

Harold William Hutchings
Born: 1907; Bratton Clovelly, Devon
Father: Edwin Hutchings
Mother: Joannah Ford Hutchings
Census: 1911: Risdon Farm, Bratton Clavelly, Beaworthy, Devon

Harold G Hutchings
Born: 12 APR 1924; Medway, Kent
Father: Harold Richard Hutchings
Mother: Florence Ada Hutchings
Census: 1939: 127 Chadacre Road, Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

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