Julia [Yeatman] Hutchings
Born: 1809; Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset
Christened: 25 OCT 1809; Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset
Married: Martin Hutchings; 21 AUG 1829; Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset
Census: 1841: Fifehead Neville, Dorset
1851: Woodrow, Fifehead Neville, Dorset
Died: 1859; Fifehead Neville, Dorset
Buried: 18 OCT 1859; Fifehead Neville, Dorset

Julia Hutchings
Born: 30 DEC 1822; Prince of Wales Island, East Indies
Christened: 13 MAY 1823; Prince of Wales Island, East Indies
Father: Robert Sparke Hutchings
Mother: Elvira Hutchings

Julia [Rackstraw] Hutchings
Born: 1828; Chelsea, Middlesex
Christened: 6 JUL 1828; St Luke, Chelsea, Middlesex
Married: George Hutchings; 1848; Kensington, London
Census: 1851: 1 Russell Street, Chelsea, Middlesex
1861: 1 Russett St, St Luke Chelsea, Middlesex
1871: Russell Street Baker’s Shop, Chelsea, London, Middlesex
Died: 1875; Chelsea, Middlesex

Julia Emily Hutchings
Born: 1849; Chelsea, Middlesex
Father: George Hutchings
Mother: Julia Hutchings
Census: 1851: 1 Russell Street, Chelsea, Middlesex
1861: 1 Russett St, St Luke Chelsea, Middlesex

Julia Anna [Parsons] Hutchings
Born: 22 OCT 1850; Stalbridge, Dorset
Married: Alexander Morris Hutchings; 23 DEC 1883; St Mary’s church, Hoxton, Middlesex
Census: 1851: Gold Street, Stalbridge, Dorset
1891: 30 Morris Road, Eastbourne, Sussex
Died: 24 JUN 1893; Field Grove, St Leonard’s Road, Eastbourne, Sussex

Julia Mary Agnes Hutchings
Born: 1855; Lyme Regis, Dorset
Father: William Hutchings
Mother: Caroline Hutchings
Census: 1861: Silver Street, Lyme Regis, Devon

Julia Agnes [Trevett] Hutchings
Born: 1860; Weymouth, Dorset
Married: William Samuel Hutchings; 1880; Weymouth, Dorset
Census: 1881: 6 Spring Lane, Wyke Regis, Dorset
1891: 9 Spring Gardens, Weymouth, Dorset
1901: 31 Spring Gardens, Weymouth, Dorset
1911: 9 Ranelagh Road, Melcombe Regis, Dorset
Died: 1937; Weymouth, Dorset

Julia Hutchings
Born: 1861; Allington, Dorset
Christened: 29 SEP 1861; Allington, Dorset
Father: Benjamin Hutchings
Mother: Jane Newland Hutchings
Census: 1861: North Allington, Dorset
1871: St Michael Lane Grove, Bridport, Dorset

Julia Maud [Burton] Hutchings
Born: ABT 1864; Gosport, Hampshire
Married: Charles Allan Hutchings; 1885; Portsea Island, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Census: 1891: 5 Grove Buildings, Stoke Road, Alverstoke, Hampshire
1901: 67 North St, Gosport, Hampshire
1911: 14 Glidden Street, Landport, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Julia Eliza Hutchings
Born: 1867; Christchurch, Hampshire
Father: William Ensor Hutchings
Mother: Emily Elizabeth Hutchings
Census: 1871: Bargates, Christchurch, Hampshire

Julia Matilda Hutchings
Born: 1871; Fareham, Hampshire
Father: Thomas Hutchings
Mother: Elizabeth Hutchings
Census: 1871: South Street, Portchester, Hampshire
1881: 61 High St, Fareham, Hampshire
1891: High St, Fareham, Hampshire
1901: 22 Whitworth Road, Alverstoke, Hampshire
1911: 28 Thorngate Almshouses, Inverness Road, Gosport, Hampshire

Julia Hutchings
Born: 1874; Latworth, Chard Pennett, Dorset
Father: Solomon Hutchings
Mother: Harriet Hutchings
Census: 1881: Fore St, Winsham, Somerset

Julia Hutchings
Born: ABT 1895; Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset
Father: William Hutchings
Mother: Jane Hutchings
Census: 1901: Wonston, Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset

Julia Maria Hutchings
Born: 1898; Poole, Dorset
Father: Henry Hutchings
Mother: Annie Elizabeth Hutchings
Census: 1901: 9 East St, St James, Poole, Dorset

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