Vera Maud Kelleway, 1906-1998

Born: 10 SEP 1906; Portsmouth, Hampshire (GRO)
29 SEP 1939: The Beeches, Finchdean Road, Chichester, Sussex
Died: 1998; South East Hampshire

Married: Ernest Ralph Hutchings; 1934; Petersfield, Hampshire (GRO)

Key: (39REG) = 1939 register of electors. (DPR) = Dorset parish registers. (GRO) = General Register Office birth, marriage and death indexes.

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Julia Maud [Burton] Hutchings
Born: ABT 1864; Gosport, Hampshire
Married: Charles Allan Hutchings; 1885; Portsea Island, Portsmouth, Hampshire
1891: 5 Grove Buildings, Stoke Road, Alverstoke, Hampshire
1901: 67 North St, Gosport, Hampshire
1911: 14 Glidden Street, Landport, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Alice Maud [Woolcot] Hutchings
Born: ABT 1867; St Giles, Soho, London
Married: Charles Hutchings; 1887; Chelsea, London
1891: 23 Claremont Road, Willesden, Middlesex
1901: 51 Lothrop St, Paddington, London
1911: 51 Lothrop Street, Paddington, London

Maud Cicely Hutchings
Born: 1871; Canterbury, Kent
Father: Henry Ebenezer Hutchings
Mother: Mary Ellen Hutchings
1871: St George Place, Canterbury, Kent
1881: Eddington, Herne, Kent
1891: 23 William St, Herne Bay, Kent

Maud Hutchings
Born: 1876; Portsmouth, Hampshire
Father: Thomas Hutchings
Mother: Elizabeth Hutchings
1891: 5 Brougham Terrace, Ann’s Hill, Alverstoke, Hampshire

Maud Ethel Margaret [Spens] Hutchings
Born: 17 OCT 1876; Canterbury, Kent
Christened: 24 NOV 1876; Christchurch Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent
Married: Frederick Vaughan Hutchings; 1907; Chelsea, London
29 SEP 1939: Crown House, High Street, New Forest, Hampshire

Lucy Maud [Hutchings] Booth
Born: 1877; Winchester, Hampshire
Father: George Boniface Hutchings
Mother: Annie Hutchings
1881: Western Road, Week, Hampshire
1901: The Limes, Desborough Road, Eastleigh, Hampshire

Ethel Maud Hutchings
Born: 1879; Morden, Dorset
Father: Henry Hutchings
Mother: Pamela Hutchings
1881: Rectory House, Moreton, Dorset

Alice Maud [Glenister] Hutchings
Born: 1883; Hastings, Sussex
Married: Frank Nathaniel Hutchings; 1900; St George Hanover Square, London
1901: 7 Githa Road, All Saints, Hastings, Sussex
1911: 8 Victoria Street, St Nicholas, Herefordshire

Emily Maud Mary [Fooks] Hutchings
Born: ABT 1883; Gillingham, Kent
Married: Alfred Hutchings; 1906; Medway, Kent
1911: 49 Avondale Terrace, Devonport, Devon

Maud Beatrice Hutchings
Born: 1886; Crewkerne, Somerset
Father: Thomas Hutchings
Mother: Louisa Hutchings
1891: Lye Water, Crewkerne, Somerset
1901: Lyewater, Crewkerne, Somerset
1911: Lyewater, Crewkerne, Somerset

Maud Florence Hutchings
Born: 1890; Walthamstow, Essex
Father: Ebenezer Hutchings
Mother: Martha Hutchings
1891: 6 Shirt Road, Walthamstow, Essex
1901: 37 Brandon Road, Walthamstow, Essex

Alice Maud Hutchings
Born: 1892; Mere, Wiltshire
Father: Gostrick William Hutchings
Mother: Mary Ann Hutchings
1911: 49. Lower Wells Road, Bath, Somerset

Lilly Maud Hutchings
Born: 10 NOV 1892; Gillingham, Kent
Father: Richard Hutchings
Mother: Ann Hutchings
1901: 50 Copenhagen Road, Gillingham, Kent
1911: 50 Copenhagen Road, Gillingham, Kent
29 SEP 1939: 47 Holmside, Gillingham, Kent
Died: 1969; Chatham, Kent

Violet Maud Hutchings
Born: 1893; Boscombe, Hampshire
Father: Charles Robert Hutchings
Mother: Lizetta Mary Hutchings
1901: Monkton Wild Spa Road, Bournemouth, Hampshire
1911: 20. Beverly Road, Barnes, Surrey

Maud Mary [Wakefield] Hutchings
Born: 19 JUL 1897; Oakham, Rutland
Married: Albert Hutchings; 1922; Uppingham, Rutland
29 SEP 1939: 24 Keeley Lane, Wootton, Bedford, Bedfordshire

Ida Maud Hutchings
Born: 1899; Yeovil, Somerset
Father: Harcourt Ernest Hutchings
Mother: Kate Hutchings
1901: 17 Sparrow Lane, Yeovil, Somerset
1911: 17 Sparrow Lane, Yeovil, Somerset

Ethel Maud Hutchings
Born: 1901; Bideford, Devon
Father: Henry Hutchings
Mother: Lucy Mary Hutchings
1911: 15 Providence Row, Bideford, Devon

Maud [Dalton] Hutchings
Born: 17 JAN 1902; Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Married: William Charles Hutchings; 1922; Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
29 SEP 1939: Seaton, Linby Lane, Basford, Nottinghamshire

Vera Maud [Kelleway] Hutchings
Born: 10 SEP 1906; Portsmouth, Hampshire
Married: Ernest Ralph Hutchings; 1934; Petersfield, Hampshire
29 SEP 1939: The Beeches, Finchdean Road, Chichester, Sussex
Died: 1998; South East Hampshire

Winifred Maud Hutchings
Born: 1907; Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Mother: Rose Alice May Hutchings
1911: Clarance Road, Lyndhurst, Hampshire

Amelia Maud Hutchings
Born: 1908; Wellington, Somerset
Father: Wallace Walter Hutchings
Mother: Amelia Hutchings
1911: Wrangcombe, Wrangway, Wellington, Somerset

Alice Maud Hutchings
Born: 1910; Liverpool, Lancashire
Father: Herbert Hutchings
Mother: Alice Jane Hutchings
1911: 54 Bardsay Road, Walton, Liverpool, Lancashire

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