Ethel Arnold Hutchings
Born: 1857; Longfleet, Dorset
Father: John Grant Hutchings
Mother: Elizabeth Hutchings
Census: 1861: West Street, Poole, Dorset

Frances Ethel [Openshaw] Hutchings
Born: 30 SEP 1863; Yealand Conyers, Lancashire
Married: George Cyril Hutchings; 15 APR 1891; Yealand Conyers, Lancashire
Census: 1901: Broadwinsor Vicarage, Dorset
1911: The Vicarage, Broadwindsor Dorset
Died: 25 FEB 1947; Bedford, Bedfordshire
Buried: Beaminster Cemetery, Beaminster, Dorset
Billion Graves

Ethel Kate Hutchings
Born: 1872; Gosport, Hampshire
Father: Isaac Hutchings
Mother: Kate Hutchings
Census: 1881: Coast Guard Station, Southbourne, Christchurch, Hampshire

Maud Ethel Margaret [Spens] Hutchings
Born: 17 OCT 1876; Canterbury, Kent
Christened: 24 NOV 1876; Christchurch Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent
Married: Frederick Vaughan Hutchings; 1907; Chelsea, London
Census: 1939: Crown House, High Street, New Forest, Hampshire

Ethel Hutchings
Born: 1879; Millbrook, Cornwall
Father: Peter Hutchings
Mother: Helen Hutchings
Census: 1881: West Street, Millbrook, Maker, Cornwall
1891: 45 Cambridge Road, Stoke Damerel, Devonport, Devon
1901: 45 Cambridge Road, Devonport, Devon
1911: 179 Pasley Street, Devonport, Devon

Ethel Maud Hutchings
Born: 1879; Morden, Dorset
Father: Henry Hutchings
Mother: Pamela Hutchings
Census: 1881: Rectory House, Moreton, Dorset

Ethel Jane Hutchings
Born: 1881; Hardington, Somerset
Father: Robert Hutchings
Mother: Lavinia Hutchings
Census: 1881: Whitevine Farm, Hardington Marsh, Pendomer, Somerset
1891: Furland Cottage, Crewkerne, Somerset
1901: South St, Hinton St George, Somerset

Ethel Hutchings
Born: 1883; Finchley, London
Father: William Wheeler Hutchings
Mother: Alice Lilian Hutchings
Census: 1901: 13 Lincoln Road, Finchley, Middlesex

Ethel Daisy [Hutchings] Yaldren
Born: 1884; Winchester, Hampshire
Father: Charles Alfred Hutchings
Mother: Ellen Hutchings
Census: 1901: 29 Highcliffe Road, Chilcombe, Hampshire
1911: 29 Highcliffe Road, Winchester, Hampshire

Ethel Ellen [Hutchings] Ford
Born: 1884; Weymouth, Dorset
Christened: 12 NOV 1884; Holy Trinity, Weymouth, Dorset
Father: William Hutchings
Mother: Rhoda Mary Hutchings
Census: 1891: 1 Myrtle Terrace, Weymouth, Dorset
1901: 16 Myrtle Terrace, Weymouth, Dorset
1911: 16 Myrtle Terrace, Weymouth, Dorset
Died: 1962; Weymouth, Dorset

Florence Ethel Hutchings
Born: 1884; Brighton, Sussex
Father: Richard Henry Hutchings
Mother: Mary Ann Hutchings
Census: 1891: 22 Charles Street, Brighton, Sussex
1901: 23 Charles Street, Brighton, Sussex

Ethel Elizabeth Hutchings
Born: 1886; Hoxton, London
Father: John Henry Hutchings
Mother: Elizabeth Wanso Hester Hutchings
Census: 1891: 87 Parsons Mead, Croydon, Surrey
1901: 36 Stanley Grove, Croydon, Surrey

Ethel Valentina Hutchings
Born: 1891; Liverpool, Lancashire
Father: William Hutchings
Mother: Mary Hutchings
Census: 1891: 34 Gorst St, Everton, Liverpool, Lancashire
1901: 99 Leta St, Liverpool, Lancashire

Eliza Ethel Hutchings
Born: 1898; Newington, London
Father: Henry Hutchings
Mother: Elizabeth Hutchings
Census: 1901: 5 Aylesbury St, Newington, London
1911: 6 Aylesbury Street, St Mary Newington, London

Elvia Ethel Hutchings
Born: 1899; Symondsbury, Dorset
Christened: 30 JUL 1899; Symondsbury, Dorset
Father: Ernest William Hutchings
Mother: Sarah Ann Hutchings
Census: 1901: Symondsbury, Dorset
1911: 23 Gundry Lane, Bridport, Dorset

Ethel Hutchings
Born: 1901; Hemyock, Devon
Father: George Hutchings
Mother: Martha Hutchings
Census: 1911: Prior South Park, Blagdon Hill, Taunton, Somerset

Ethel Maud Hutchings
Born: 1901; Bideford, Devon
Father: Henry Hutchings
Mother: Lucy Mary Hutchings
Census: 1911: 15 Providence Row, Bideford, Devon

Mary Ethel Hutchings
Born: 21 SEP 1911; Goderich, Huron, Ontario, Canada
Father: Henry George Hutchings
Mother: Annie Hutchings

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